Real Estate Settlements


Residential Closings

It is often said that no two settlements are ever alike. Nowhere is this more evident than with residential settlements in the District of Columbia. Standard Title Group's experienced and reliable team of processors and lawyers are dedicated to providing the attention to details and exceptional customer service second to none. We understand that every residential transaction is unique in its challenges and unique it its rewards. We go out of our way to understand and meet each settlement's individual and personal needs. From the submission of the Contract to the issuance of the title insurance policies, our team is here to ensure a successful, efficient, timely and accurate closing.


Commerical Closings

The need for a knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful settlement company has never been more essential than in todays increasingly complex and ever-changing commercial real estate environment. Standard Title Group's growing team of expert and dedicated professionals are uniquely capable of handling the most complex of commercial transactions ranging in scope from multi-family, office, retail, condominium, and land acquisitions to simple and complex construction loans and permanent loan refinances. Our comprehensive approach when serving your commercial title insurance and real estate settlement needs begins by being on call to analyze and discuss the multitude of complex issues and concerns that frequently arise in commercial transactions. Each member of our staff is dedicated to giving every transaction expert attention and exceptional service in order to ensure a successful, accurate and efficient closing.


Title Insurance

Title insurance is a safeguard that protects property owners and lenders from financial loss due to defects in a property's title. Unlike other types of insurance that focus on future events, title insurance covers issues that may already exist but haven't been discovered, such as outstanding liens, encumbrances, or ownership disputes. While your lender requires a separate title insurance policy to protect their interests, it's important to understand that this policy only covers the lender, leaving you vulnerable to potential losses if you don't secure an owner's title insurance policy.